Watershed water resources monitoring and water supply forecasting.


Waterjade Analytics is modular software that combines hydrological models and artificial intelligence techniques to process large amounts of data from in situ sensors and satellite imagery.

Waterjade Analytics allows you to provide a comprehensive view of current and future water availability in the watershed so that you can accurately plan the water supply in your facility.

Analysis and forecasting
in one platform

Waterjade Analytics is a decision support system (DSS) that provides in a single platform a comprehensive overview of current and future water availability in the catchment area upstream of corporate facilities.

Through Waterjade Analytics, companies benefit from:

Waterjade Analytics


J-Water is software that enables water monitoring and forecasting, with a focus on the challenges posed by climate change and the most innovative technological solutions in the field of hydrology.

J-Water is developed by Waterjade® through a new technology: the Watershed Digital Twin, which combines a combination of satellite data, physical models, and machine learning algorithms to accurately simulate the water cycle and predict water availability.

J-Water‘s Digital Twin can be used to better understand and manage water resources, predict inflows at supply points, and plan water use sustainably and efficiently.

Water supply monitoring and forecasting includes criticality analysis, short-term (+ 72 hours) and seasonal (+ 6 months) inflow forecasting, water availability trend analysis according to climate projection scenarios, and Water Stress analysis (water shortage index).


J-Snow is the software developed by Waterjade® that enables high-resolution, near-real-time snow monitoring and forecasting.

Its technology combines the use of a physically based model with satellite image assimilation to ensure the best accuracy compared to in situ observations.

Snow is calculated through a mass and energy balance, taking into account meteorological evolution and landforms, simulating the physical processes that affect the snowpack such as accumulation, compaction, and melting.

The result is high-precision monitoring data that is processed on a daily scale, consistent with morphology and meteorology. It also does not require the organization of snow measurement campaigns, thus reducing survey costs.

The innovative approach allows reconstruction of snowfall in past years, resulting in anomaly analysis, as well as forecasting of accumulation and melt over the next 72 hours, useful for reservoir management and civil protection issues.

Why should you choose Waterjade Analytics?

Active monitoring of water in the environment

Waterjade Analytics customizable to the specific needs of companies and based on their local area.

Decreased risk of arrest

Waterjade Analytics ensures more accurate data on water supply forecasts, improving plant planning and maintenance.

Enhanced Data Access

Cloud computing infrastructure ensures that data can be accessed quickly and easily.

Sector-specific decision support

Waterjade Analytics is developed to meet the needs of companies that use water massively for industrial processes.

According to the law

Waterjade Analytics provides the data needed to ensure compliance with environmental indicators such as ESG reports.

Compatible with other Software

Waterjade Analytics is easily integrated into the business decision-making system via APIs.

How it works

To activate WA, the Digital Twin must initially be configured. Initially, the supply points and their connection to the plant via adduction works are identified using GIS tools. Then observed data on consumption and/or water levels are collected, which represent the “target” on which to calibrate the Digital Twin. The system is then fed historical weather data to simulate mass balances until an appropriate level of accuracy is achieved against the target data. The Digital Twin is then available to be fed with forecast weather data.

Web platform

The results are made available on a cloud-based platform to allow easy access and consultation of the data.

The platform provides indicators, time series, maps and forecasts to enable real-time monitoring of the evolution of water resources in the environment.

The data can then be downloaded for further processing.

Access Waterjade Analytics with our API

Take advantage of the Waterjade Analytics API to access data according to your needs.

You can receive results via APIs for convenient integration with your own SCADA systems or dedicated plant management software.

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