This analysis involves calibration of the Digital Twin on historical data through implementation of physical models and machine learning.

It is conducted through an interaction with the Customer to delve into the system issues and validate the assumptions.

It allows obtaining a detailed analysis of the charging system of its supply points to identify its climatic-hydrological characteristics and critical issues.

It can be expanded by adding two additional services:

  • prospective assessment, on the evolution of the basin recharge system, according to climate change scenarios;
  • high-resolution Water Stress index analysis according to the AqueductTM methodology.


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Waterjade Analytics is modular software that combines advanced hydrological models and artificial intelligence techniques to process large amounts of data from a variety of sources, such as in-situ sensors and satellite imagery. We can provide you with a comprehensive view of the current and future availability of water in the watershed located upstream of the facilities.

Why should you choose Waterjade Analytics?

Active monitoring of water in the environment

Waterjade Analytics customizable to the specific needs of companies and based on their local area.

Decreased risk of arrest

Waterjade Analytics ensures more accurate data on water supply forecasts, improving plant planning and maintenance.

Enhanced Data Access

Cloud computing infrastructure ensures that data can be accessed quickly and easily.

Sector-specific decision support

Waterjade Analytics is developed to meet the needs of companies that use water massively for industrial processes.

According to the law

Waterjade Analytics provides the data needed to ensure compliance with environmental indicators such as ESG reports.

Compatible with other Software

Waterjade Analytics is easily integrated into the business decision-making system via APIs.

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For more information, please get in touch with us and request a free demo of Waterjade Analytics, the software that will enable you to get detailed analysis and forecasting for your business.