Climate Change puts regular service provision to users at risk.


Decision support for water supply planning for Integrated Water Services and Hydroelectric Companies.

Waterjade stands for research and innovation

Waterjade Analytics is a decision support system for forecasting water in the environment and subsequent water supply planning.

Using satellite data, weather forecasts, and in situ observations Waterjade Analytics configures a Digital Twin of the watershed to monitor and manage the present and future status of water resources. Our highly skilled engineers in hydrological and hydraulic modeling have created the first Watershed Digital Twin, which is a Software that replicates the physical processes underlying the water cycle.

Thanks to its modular structure, it adapts to any weather condition and local characteristics of the catchment system to provide accurate Analytics and forecasts.

Why should you choose Waterjade Analytics?

Active monitoring of water in the environment

Waterjade Analytics customizable to the specific needs of companies and based on their local area.

Decreased risk of arrest

Waterjade Analytics ensures more accurate data on water supply forecasts, improving plant planning and maintenance.

Enhanced Data Access

Cloud computing infrastructure ensures that data can be accessed quickly and easily.

Sector-specific decision support

Waterjade Analytics is developed to meet the needs of companies that use water massively for industrial processes.

According to the law

Waterjade Analytics provides the data needed to ensure compliance with environmental indicators such as ESG reports.

Compatible with other Software

Waterjade Analytics is easily integrated into the business decision-making system via APIs.

Climate change

Climate change and the current water crisis are requiring companies to monitor their water supply sources in order to quantify their recharge status and highlight possible water stress situations. Waterjade has developed a Digital Twin that can track the water cycle at a basin scale and thus extend water flow monitoring beyond the factory floor.

Innovation: the Digital Twin

Traditional approaches to forecasting water inflows are generally based on historical data, resulting in poor accuracy as historical data have become obsolete as a result of climate change.

The Watershed Digital Twin is composed of a mix of physical models, machine learning algorithms and satellite data processing that can reproduce water flow based on meteorological trends in the upstream basin. Waterjade Analytics was developed with a holistic approach that can account for both environmental complexities and human interactions with hydraulic works.

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