About Us

The company

MobyGIS S.r.l. operates in the hydro-meteorological sector with specialization on water resources monitoring and forecasting. Through the Waterjade® brand, MobyGIS offers software solutions for water monitoring and water supply optimization to public and private Companies.

The experience gained working with Hydropower Industries, Water Utilities and Public Bodies in both Italian and foreign countries gives the company a well-rounded view on supply issues and a pragmatic approach to suggest the best solution. The team, composed of professional figures with expertise in hydrology, meteorology, and hydraulics, boasts visibility in Europe through awards in Big Data, Satellite Data, and the fight against Climate Change.


From our team’s engineering skills and experience in the hydrological field, two projects were born:



Free platform for off-piste snow monitoring and support in planning a hike.

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Professional service for the analysis and prediction of water inputs in industrial settings.

Our vision of the future

Global warming has changed the hydrological regime of rivers, making historical averages of inflows obsolete.

We are facing increasingly extreme, frequent and devastating climatic phenomena.

Technological innovation can make a decisive contribution to climate change adaptation, and in this scenario Waterjade stands as an innovative interlocutor, in technology, science and methodology.

We can say that Waterjade operates between environmental sustainability and technological innovation to facilitate the interrelationships between humans and water resources.

Waterjade wants to preside over the issue of water management with an innovative approach and actively contribute to climate change adaptation.

Which problems do we want to solve?

The challenge taken up by the Waterjade Team is to respond to problems related to the increasing uncertainty of water supply in civil and industrial applications.

With the technology developed by Waterjade, companies can get the full picture of current and future water availability in the watershed.

Waterjade was created to answer 2 key questions of facility managers:

How much water is there?

When will it be available?

In particular, Waterjade targets 4 particular customer groups:

Waterjade is rightfully among the companies working in the field of digital transformation of private and public companies. In fact, Waterjade offers companies innovative tools for estimating water supply in civil and industrial applications.

The software and methodologies provided are based on predictive models, which cannot rely on outdated data.

By which specific actions?

Thanks to the presence of multidisciplinary expertise, in the fields of physics, mathematics and technology, Waterjade has developed the technologies for forecasting, and optimizing water supply for industrial uses.

The proposed model is consultative, where the tools and technologies that are implemented are enablers of digital transformation and are oriented to the improvement and optimization of the normal processes carried out within companies.

Waterjade has intercepted 3 categories of needs that it intends to satisfy:

Waterjade wants to preside over the issue of water management with an innovative approach and actively contribute to climate change adaptation.

Waterjade’s team consists of technical specialists with experience in hydrological and hydraulic modeling.

The team

Matteo Dall’Amico


Stefano Tasin


Nicolò Franceschetti


Anna Paola lonardi


Federico Di Paolo


Mauro Scanagatta


Valentino Mascherini


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For more information, please get in touch with us and request a free demo of Waterjade Analytics, the software that will enable you to get detailed analysis and forecasting for your business.